ZAI would like to congratulate Lockheed Martin for their successful flight of their Advanced Composite Cargo Aircraft (ACCA).  ZAI fabricated numerous large fairings and is proud to be a part of this program.  For more information please see: MORE >>>

ZAI is hosting CIRPAS’ Twin Otter as they do meteorological research sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE). They will be based here in Guthrie through June 1st and then will be moving to Ponca City to Join with NASA’s King Air and other research aircraft.. MORE >>>

ZAI recently completed the MWR Radar truck.  The modifications included an entirely new radar control enclosure.  The new enclosure saved weight, increased functionality, and user friendliness.. MORE >>>

Other news ::

> NEW! employment opening
ZAI recently completed its fourth expansion
ZAI Successfully Flight Tests Smart Towed Vehicle
ZAI Awarded 5 Year Multi-Million Dollar Contract
ZAI receives OCAST award for SBIR program dev..
> Piper Mirage Performance Modifications
> Francis Tuttle Solar Car
> CIRPAS Twin Otter Instrumentation Pod
> University Of Oklahoma Aerospace Project
> Zivko recieves Presitgeous Tibbetts Award

The core technology we have developed is an advanced manufacturing process for the rapid development of lightweight, accurate prototypes. However, as we expand, so do our engineering services.
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