• Avionics engineering at ZAI enables us to design, integrate, and modify aircraft electronic and electrical distribution systems. This has been actively demonstrated through the Navy sponsored Pelican project.
  • Through the integration of off-the-shelf (OTS) avionic components, ZAI is able to create complete control systems for unique air structures.
  • ZAI's engineering technique allows us to work closely with the customer to create an avionics package to suite their needs, whether that be through the use of OTS components or a complete systems design.
  • Designing and producing complete aircraft wiring systems using CAD allows the rapid developments of systems for the customer, and ease of modification at a later date.
  • By employing engineers specifically trained and educated in the avionics field we are able to bring together all key areas of the aerospace industry.
  • Our engineers are fully versed in aerodynamics, aeronautics, analogue/digital electronics and computer systems programming.
  • Software design, testing and implementation in ANSI-C enables creation of control law software for use in autonomous unmanned air vehicles. Implementation through the use of DSP or PIC technology allows for system versatility and cost optimization.