Below are some of the successful projects we have completed, on-time and on-budget.

At ZAI we pride ourselves in producing high quality components on a time/ budget constraint basis:

Past ZAI Customers Include:

  • University of California - Berkeley
  • CalTech
  • Hartzell
  • MSP Corp
  • Office of Naval Research
  • Jet Propulsion labs
  • Harvard University


    NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory - WB57

    ZAI produced a lightweight instrumentation pod for use on the WB57 high altitude aerosol research aircraft.


Harvard University Atmospheric Research Project

ZAI has produced a number of instrumentation components for a NASA Lockheed ER-2 scientific mission being performed by Harvard University. Items produced include: fiberglass ducting, composite intake snout, NO2 Optical Plate and Insulated Housing. The Optical Plate was constructed of carbon face sheets on either side of an aluminum honeycomb core. The Unidirectional Carbon pre-preg plies were aligned to minimize the plate CTE. Multiple bonded fasteners were located on both sides of the plate for attachment of optical equipment. The ducting included composite turning veins in the corners and several milled aluminum attachments. The intake snout cross section was carefully formed to provide the proper airflow to the instrumentation. In addition, the snout was constructed with a closed-cell foam core to maintain proper rigidity and minimum weight.


US Department of Defense Contracts

ZAI has successfully completed 23 separate DOD contracts, all of which were completed within budget and before due date. ZAI produced and follows a DOD approved quality control manual. Components produced included hand-worked sheet metal, press-formed sheet metal, composite molds, and laminated composite structures. ZAI facilities and quality assurance procedures passed numerous on site inspections by DOD representatives.


University of Oklahoma Solar Car

ZAI assisted graduate and undergraduate engineering students in the construction of composite molds and structures used in the 1995 and 1998 solar car. Students worked at the ZAI facility, where they received assistance and training in proper composite handling and construction. The primary structural components for the vehicle were constructed at the ZAI facility by students under the supervision of ZAI staff.