ZAI Engineering capabilities include mechanical, aeronautical and composite structures engineering, aircraft design, aerodynamics, composite material analysis, CAD/CAM and finite element analysis with in-house DAR services.

All design work is done on SolidWorks CAD/CAM software, allowing for easy electronic data sharing as well as providing an accommodating system to allow future design alterations and revisions. ZAI can perform full computer FEA of structures, including composite and 3-D elements.

If any changes can be implemented to make manufacturing easier, less expensive, or improve quality, ZAI’s engineering staff can quickly analyze the change and provide information to the customer for their approval. This allows for fast implementation of manufacturing and design improvements.

Utilizing this Engineering capability, ZAI is fully capable of taking even rudimentary product concepts and “napkin” sketches through system design and analysis to full scale manufacturing. Many times our customers have an idea of what they want but not the knowledge of how to implement it. This is an area in which ZAI excels. 

For composite tooling manufacture, ZAI has full 5-axis CNC milling/routing capabilities with a work table area 5’W x 10’L  x 3’ H. ZAI can accept 3D surface models from the customer and begin milling the structure almost immediately, or the surfaces can be generated in house from 2D CAD files, blue-prints or even sketches.