The manufacturing staff at ZAI is highly experienced in all areas of aviation including engine and avionics installation, maintenance, sheet metal forming, welding (steel, aluminum and titanium), machining, and traditional fabric covering, but specializes in composite mold and part construction. All parts are finished and custom painted on site using a number of different methods to meet individual customer needs. Pre-preg composite parts are vacuum bagged and cured up to 500 degF in one of our 8’x6’x28’ or 8’x10’x8’ computer controlled oven with vacuum pressure and temperature data logging. ZAI’s facility contains a machine shop which includes CAM milling/turning equipment, multiple TIG/MIG welders and plasma cutter. ZAI continues to expand and has completed its 5th expansion brining our total area to over 30,000 square feet. ZAI has experience in design fabrication and assembly of composite systems utilizing carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, epoxy, polyester, foam core, aramid and aluminum honeycomb, adhesives, etc. ZAI also has experience in composite-composite, composite-metal, metal-metal bonding and final assembly.

ZAI can perform all design, inventory and quality control electronically. All material data, cure temperature/pressure information is automatically recorded and stored. This process allows instant access at any time to the material data or fabrication history of any component produced by ZAI.